The Whole Foods Counter-Boycott

David Frum has a smart conservatively-oriented piece on the Whole Foods Market boycott. Why would progressively-minded foodies want to throw Mackey and his chain under the bus? Frum’s answer:

They see their food culture as a symbol of belonging, more than as a valuable cause in its own right. And they are prepared to sacrifice the cause in order to defend their claim to the symbol.

Bingo. And he continues:

By promoting a more responsible food culture, Whole Foods does its part to discourage the obesity that now accounts for 1 American health dollar in 10. This is a solution we all should be part of. Instead, too many liberals insist on regarding Whole Foods as something akin to a sect or club, where half the pleasure comes from blackballing new members.

I think Frum’s onto something; just check out some of the vegan message boards to see this tendency in action. There’s a sizable minority of progressives/vegans/AR people who seem to enjoy scapegoating anyone and everyone of influence with whom they don’t agree 100 percent.

In a world inhabited by brutalizers like Smithfield and Tyson Foods, we’ve got people in the veggie movement calling to boycott a vegan-run natural foods grocery chain? These folks ought to go sit in the corner until they grow the fuck up. (Via Crossfield.) Link.


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