Time to Decide [Video]

Compassion in World Farming has a terrific 2-minute video titled “Time To Decide” that spotlights that pivotal moment we all come up against—whether to oppose animal cruelty or to go along with the status quo. The video features four vignettes involving a compassionate person witnessing animal cruelty and taking a stand against it.

[youtube id=”BYnnuXlqdGQ”]

In the first segment, a boy from the 19th Century watches his father mercilessly whipping a horse, until he is moved by conscience to intercede. In the second segment, a man sits in a 1940s theater, part of an audience gleefully entertained by footage of dogs attacking a captive bear. The man cringes at the abuse and, maintaining all dignity, walks out on the film in disgust. In the third segment, a girl sits with her father and another man on the couch and the two men excitedly watch dog fighting footage, until the girl gets up and turns off the television.

Each of these three segments is more an archetypal situation than the sort of cruelty a modern-day person is likely to encounter, but these scenes offer the argument that throughout history, there have always been people who stepped up to oppose animal cruelty.

And then the fourth and final scene is played, and this one is clearly from our moment in time. A man is at a bus stop watching factory farm footage on his smart phone. He is visibly shaken by what he sees. And then his image fades out to this text:

It’s time. Each generation decides what cruelty they will tolerate.

End the Cage Age. It’s time to evolve.

Never before in history have so many animals suffered so much at the hands of humans, but never before have so many people decided to take up the cause of animals. Compassion in World Farming’s video is a welcome reminder that the moment has arrived for people of conscience to put an end to factory farming.


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