Tip #12: Vegan Fast Food Meals

Fast food was once difficult for vegans to find and enjoy, but today it’s easy to find vegan options at almost all fast food restaurants. While this is not a food category you’re well-advised to eat much of, when you’re in a crunch or on the road, you can find these vegan meals just about anywhere. Here are… Read more »

5 Easy Steps to Healthier Eating

There are literally hundreds of tips you could follow to eat more healthfully—some super easy, others more challenging. Here, we’ve gathered five tips that deliver huge payoffs yet require practically no effort. If you’re looking to take your diet to the next level any one of these tips can help enormously. 1.  Eat oatmeal for breakfast. Make a… Read more »

Tip #11 | How to Get Over Cheese

If I got a quarter every time I heard “I couldn’t be vegan because I could never give up cheese!” I’d be very, very rich. But what is cheese, really? And why is it so difficult to give up? Chef Alex Bury breaks it down in this video. For those who can’t imagine breaking the cheese… Read more »

5 Steps To Get Vegan On Your Menu

Guest post by Ken Botts. The market trends show that university students are aligning “themselves along the less-meat to meatless spectrum, from flexitarian to vegetarian to vegan…” So how can college students get their cafeterias to respond to this growing demand and add vegan options to the menu? Here are five simple steps you can take:… Read more »

Tip #10 | How to Cook Squash

Squash is a versatile fruit that is savory like a vegetable and packed with nutrients. It has virtually no fat, yet it’s simultaneously filling and easy to digest. In this tip video, chef Alex Bury demonstrates the easy way to cook, cut, and prepare butternut squash, and how to incorporate it into recipes. This is an important-skill for every vegan to master!… Read more »

Tip #9: How to Cut an Onion

Onions can be a great addition to almost any savory vegan dish—from soups and stir fries to burgers and salads. They also add a nice crunch if served raw. Despite their status as a kitchen staple, many people don’t know the safe and easy way to cut up an onion. In this video, vegan chef Alex Bury shows you how to slice or dice… Read more »

Tip #8: Everyday Activism

You will spare more than 100 animals each year simply by being vegan. But if you inspire just one other person to go vegan, the number of animals you’ll save instantly doubles. That’s where the power of activism comes in. Activism can exponentially increase the number of animals you can help during your lifetime. Here are six ways that you… Read more »

Tip #7: Support Your Local Farmers’ Market

When you’re looking for healthy and fresh whole foods, there’s no better place to go than a farmers’ market. These local markets provide an unbeatable opportunity to find the freshest produce at the best price, in an upbeat environment where you can actually get to know the people who are growing your food. Because the produce… Read more »

Tip #6: Everyday Oils

Supermarkets are filled with a baffling array of oils: corn, sunflower, safflower, peanut, sesame, soybean, and more. How are you supposed to know the difference and make a good choice? Watch this video to see why most people really only need to keep two or three types of oils in the kitchen: coconut oil for high-heat cooking, extra virgin… Read more »

Tip # 5: Vegan Ice Cream 101

Summer is near, and we’re here to crush the myth that vegan ice cream is hard to find! In this video we break down the difference between ice cream, sherbet (not vegan) and sorbet (almost always vegan), and share some of the most easy-to-find vegan frozen dessert brands.