Tip #8: Everyday Activism

You will spare more than 100 animals each year simply by being vegan. But if you inspire just one other person to go vegan, the number of animals you’ll save instantly doubles. That’s where the power of activism comes in. Activism can exponentially increase the number of animals you can help during your lifetime.

Here are six ways that you can help animals every single day!

  1. Pimp Your Laptop! Dress it up with stickers that make a statement wherever you go.
  2. Have fun with buttons. Pin them on bags, clothes, hats, camera straps, or bulletin boards.
  3. Wear T-shirts with a message. You can find vegan-themed clothing at Herbivore Clothing, Compassion CompanyRoots of Compassion, PETA, and many other online shops.
  4. Rock statement jewelry. Christy Robinson makes wonderful stamped vegan jewelry, but you can find tons of other options on Etsy.
  5. Deck your vehicle with vinyls and bumper stickers.
  6. Use animal rights stickers whenever you mail an envelope or package.

I hope these ideas inspire you to integrate more activism into your life! A little effort can go a long way for animals.