Tip #4: Vegan Pizza 101

If you think that going vegan means giving up pizza, think again. Vegan pizza is easy to find, from your local pizzeria to the freezer aisle at your neighborhood grocery store. This video will give you the tips you need to get your paws on vegan pizza anytime, anywhere. Enjoy! Frozen Vegan Pizza Brands: Amy’s Kitchen Daiya… Read more »

Tip #3: How to Use Chia Seeds

Chia seeds—the very same used to grow Chia Pets—are widely recognized as superfoods and are cherished by vegans for their high Omega-3 fatty acid content. That makes them a perfect alternative to fish, without the drawbacks of animal cruelty and mercury exposure. One tablespoon of Chia seeds has more calcium than a glass of milk,… Read more »

Tip #2: Clif Bar’s Soul Mate

You might already know that every flavor of Clif Bar is vegan, and it’s smart to keep a few in your kitchen in case you suddenly find yourself hungry but have no time to cook. Every flavor of Clif Bar is good, but I’ve found a way to really take this snack to the next… Read more »

TIP #1: Buy Ugly Produce

Today’s tip is a simple but counterintuitive way to ensure that you’re eating the very best produce. By putting this tip into action, you’ll be optimizing the nutrients and flavor you get from your fruits and vegetables.