Today Show Publishes Post on Eating Live Lobsters

Mark Bittman often writes about the spectrum of diet, ranging from uninformed meat eater to conscientious omnivore to vegan. But since Bittman writes for a family newspaper, he omits mentioning a key extreme on this spectrum: total fucking asshole.

And everyone from an uninformed meat eater to a vegan should readily agree that this piece by Sarah Spigelman on the pleasures of eating raw flesh crosses a line:

The only scent was that of the clean, fresh sushi bar we were in, but this was a little tougher to get past, considering that the head was still moving while we were to eat the tail. But the lobster isn’t actually alive – it’s just that the nerve endings are still active…This lobster came from San Diego, and there are only about two lobsters ordered per week. This could be because of the hefty $75 price tag, the fact that the lobster must be preordered or the fact that people don’t want to eat something while part of the body is still moving.

I’m unaware of what qualifications Spigelman has to definitively establish whether a still-moving animal has died, given that her only clear talent seems to involve producing grating YouTube videos. Clearly, a reading of Consider the Lobster is in order.

There’s no way to keep ethically bankrupt stuff like this from appearing online. But what’s infuriating is that this piece wasn’t published on some dark and obscure corner of MySpace, it’s published at In other words, the producers of the Today Show saw fit to pay Spigelman for this piece of crap and put it up on their website.

Now there’s a part of me that would like to continue on for several paragraphs ridiculing Spigelman and everything she represents. But I’d rather do my part to cost her this writing gig with Today. Here’s the contact form for the Today Show. I urge you to send them a short and polite email asking them to delete Spigelman’s piece, and to make amends by hiring a food writer with history of writing about compassionate and healthful eating.

We need to get this turd of an article taken down, and we need something good to come out of this. (Thanks, Ian.) Link.

Update: if you’re on Twitter—and every animal advocate should be—please retweet this.


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