Too Tired to Speak, Not Too Tired to Save Animals

Yesterday was a huge day. I successfully uploaded my next book to the printer. And if there aren’t any hitches, I expect it to be available on by Thanksgiving. Sign up for my announcement email list if you’d like to receive word the moment it’s available.

Both my last book, Meat Market, and my new book are self-published. And let me tell you, there is nothing more stressful than publishing a book. Yesterday, I was entering the key book data into fields that were accompanied by dire warnings that “Once submitted, the contents of this field cannot be changed.”

They’re joking, right?

But I got everything done last night, and then fell into a coma-like sleep. When I woke up today, I realized I am so fatigued as to be essentially useless. But am I useless to animals? Nope. Because, in just a few minutes I’ll be catching the bus to my local university, where I’ll pass out 300 copies of Even If You Like Meat.

What a perfect way to recover from a drawn-out publishing ordeal: some time in the sun, some human interaction, and nothing that requires any real effort. And, at the end of today, I will likely have kept far more animals out of a slaughterhouse than will be spared in my entire life as a vegan.

What I’m trying to say here, in my clumsy and exhausted way, is that when you’re too tired to do anything else, leafletting is the perfect activity to recharge your batteries. Want to get involved?

P.S. Vegan Outreach’s leafletting totals are going through the roof, and so are their printing expenses. If you have some cash to send their way, it will help them enormously.


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