Top Vegan News Stories for March, 2010

This month marked two years of daily blogging for And in that time, without spending a penny on advertising, my RSS and email subscribers have grown to about 3000 people—you can check the new Feedburner widget in this site’s upper right hand corner for an exact daily count. This growth has occurred without my resorting to idiotic traffic generating tricks such as publishing fluffy celebrity stories, or embracing annoying and fraudulent revenue boosters such as page pumping. In short, my strategy to grow this site has been based on respecting my readers, and publishing the sort of commentary here that I myself would want to read.

There’s still a ton of room for growth—it always blows my mind that, usually when I meet a vegan for the first time, that person is almost never a reader of All the time I spend writing this blog would go a lot further if more vegans knew what’s being offered here.

Now that we’ve hit the 3000 subscriber mark, I want to see how quickly we can grow to 5000 subscribers. And for this to happen fast, I need your help. I just installed handy buttons that appear below each blog entry, both on and in your RSS feed or email update. These buttons let you instantly post any blog entry you like to your Facebook page or to your Twitter feed. I think every serious veggie advocate needs a Facebook page and a Twitter account; there’s never been an easier way to publicize the stories that matter to your friends and family. And I hope you’ll get in the habit of clicking on these buttons to share the most interesting stories you see here.

To get you started, I’ve just assembled the following compilation of the most newsworthy stories from the past month:

Show your friends how amazing vegan food can look. Let them know about methane bubbles in a manure lagoon as big as houses. Tell them about a quarter million hens dying in Ohio’s latest egg farm disaster. Let your male omnivore friends know about the hegan lifestyle. Publicize the free broadcast of Food, Inc. coming April 21st. Offer a nuanced view of PETA, and what it would take to quickly fix the organization. Share some convincing proof that nothing is immune to the ravages of time—except Happy Meals. Get the word out about the sleazily successful effort to drive bluefin tuna to extinction. Let your friends know about the refusal of vivisectors to dialog about their past negligence. The meat industry will hate it if you publicize the fact that the USA was just ranked among the bottom five countries for meat safety. The best pro-vegan TV of the month was Jonathan Safran Foer’s appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

And finally, every last meat eater in America needs to know that the USDA covered up the butchering of conscious pigs.


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