Ultimate Vegan Guide Paperbacks Under 5 Bucks Each!


In my continuing quest to save as many animals as possible while ensuring I will never earn a living wage from my writing, I’ve decided to publish a coupon code allowing you to buy the paperback version of my newly-released Ultimate Vegan Guide (second edition) at just $4.47 each! At this price, you can afford to buy copies for every single one of your loved ones, and even a few people you can’t stand.

Are you active with a local veggie group? This is a fantastic opportunity to buy a carton of books for sale at summer veggie festivals. One of my local friends has just picked up a hundred copies that he’ll hand out for free at our monthly vegan events, and he’s committed to handing out a thousand copies over the next year or two. The Vegetarian Society of Colorado has picked up fifty copies for sale at their upcoming VegFest.

I hope you’ll get in on this. Here’s what you gotta do: hit up my CreateSpace eStore, right here. On checkout, you’ll need to enter this coupon code:


Note that, unlike Amazon.com, you’ll have to pay shipping, which starts at $3.59 a book for mainland USA. But shipping costs drop like a stone for each added book, so that if you buy 20 or more you’re looking in the neighborhood of just 50 cents shipping per book.

Still on the fence about whether this book will inspire the people in your life to embrace a plant-based diet? Check out the reviews on Amazon.com.

And remember the the Kindle version remains just 99 cents, and you don’t even need a Kindle to read it!


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