Veg Advocacy: Facebook & Twitter vs. Google

I’m finishing up Gary Vaynerchuk’s important new book The Thank You Economy, and just read this paragraph that I think every last one of my readers needs to see:

The difference between how people respond to search engine results or a banner ad versus how they respond to Twitter or Facebook feeds parallels the difference between how people respond to advertising and how they respond to word of mouth. One is a random, faceless encounter that is easily forgotten; the other is a meaningful exchange worth passing along and sharing with others.

If you’re not using Facebook a couple times a week, and Twitter a couple times a day, to pass along the most significant veggie and animal advocacy stories you find, you’re missing out on a huge and almost effortless opportunity to make a difference in this world.

On a related topic, I just changed the Facebook buttons beneath each story from “Like” to “Recommend.” I’m hoping this inspires more sharing, since many of the most important stories I post here can’t possibly be liked, even if they’re well worth sharing and recommending.


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