Holiday Donation Drive

2010 has turned into’s biggest and best year ever, in terms of both what this site offers and the number of people we reach.

Thanks to your support, has published more than 100 blog posts each month—totaling 1,423 posts so far in 2010. Additionally, so far this year, our RSS and email subscribers have grown by more than 30 percent. If this work has been meaningful to you, I hope you will consider making an end-of-year donation.

As you know, readers get access to a range of material and a type of analysis unavailable elsewhere: everything from important animal advocacy information to disturbing meat industry bombshells. This work is entirely funded without resorting to obnoxious popups, blinking advertisements, aggressive attempts to capture your email address, and other crapola that would make visiting anything but a nonstop delight.

It is gratifying to know that all this work makes a difference:

  • “It is helping me make the transition to a veg lifestyle.”Krista M.
  • “ keeps me up-to-date on the scene and challenges me to consider the various aspects to advocacy I haven’t considered. Total veg converts this year: three!”Steph H.
  • “It gives me great links to share with my omni friends. Some of those links have led to lengthy, constructive discussions.”—Andrew M.
  • “Enjoy the balance of humor, urgency, and analysis very, very much. Would be sad not to have this splenidforous and most awesome resource. [] feels like a community/support system with an opportunity for a chorus of WTF? moments that become more bearable shared.”Eleni V.
  • “It helps me because it’s my first "go-to" source for the most inclusive, important and current vegan-related news.”Alison C. also serves the animal protection community in numerous other ways. I recently released the full text of my Ultimate Vegan Guide for free online reading at I answer thousands of reader emails a year, and I’m in the process of launching a free online book club for readers that will run from December 1st to 21st. Know that everything I do at is done with the goal of protecting as many animals from harm as possible.

When you support, whether through following our links to or through a direct donation, you allow me to continue putting the overwhelming majority of my time into making this site even better. If you like and want to help me continue this work, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to donate generously during this holiday fundraising drive. Thank you for your support, and for all you do for the animals.


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