June Donation Drive

2011 is turning into my busiest and most productive year for animals yet. I’ve written more than 800 blog entries so far this year, and published two books: A Vegan History: 1944-2010 and a new, thoroughly revised edition of my Ultimate Vegan Guide.

With the new edition of my Vegan Guide, I decided to cut away most of my royalties in order to price the book as cheaply as possible. The Kindle version is now just 99 cents, and the paperback has been cut from $14.95 to $8.95. Moreover, I’m making the paperback available in bulk at just $4.47 per copy.

In just the past three weeks, nearly 1000 copies of the Kindle and paperback versions have sold. I’ve got to think that many of these copies are being read by people who were interested in exploring a vegan lifestyle, but who wouldn’t have sprung for a $14.95 paperback.

Now that I’ve done away with one of my primary revenue streams in order to get the Vegan Guide into more hands, I need your help more than ever. This is a particularly important time for, as a round of equipment upgrades are planned that will cost $3000 over the next two months. Once these upgrades are in place, I’ll be able to improve my web offerings, while simultaneously publishing content that’s been tailored to users of smartphones and tablets.

Since donations to currently amount to under $5000 a year, you can donate knowing that your money is noticed and is making a measurable difference. Note that owing to my small donor base, is not incorporated as a nonprofit, so donations are not tax deductible.

Everyone who donates $100 or more in June or July will receive a signed copy of my new Ultimate Vegan Guide, and will be thanked—either by name or anonymously, as you prefer—in a forthcoming blog entry. is currently reaching almost 5000 activists a day with vital news and information, and there’s nobody that covers this crucial niche like I do right here. Doubling that number is within reach, but I need your help. Please take part in my work and donate today by credit card or PayPal.


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