Quick Recipe of the Year: Singapore-Style Rice Noodles

It’s Day #2 of’s four-day Recipe of the Year feature. I’m proud to post our Quick Vegan Recipe of the Year: Robin Robertson’s Singapore-Style Rice Noodles with Tofu and Vegetables. As with every other recipe in this feature, this is a brand-new recipe created exclusively for

Robin is probably the vegan world’s most prolific cookbook author, and she’s devoted two books specifically to the sort of quick, healthful, delicious recipes you can make every day: Quick-Fix Vegan and Quick-Fix Vegetarian (don’t let the latter’s title fool you: both books are 100 percent vegan.)

She is also the author of the largest, most comprehensive vegan cookbook ever released: 1,000 Vegan Recipes; a groundbreaking title that is the ultimate single-volume vegan cooking reference.

I couldn’t be more excited about Robin’s choice of dishes for this feature. After soaking the rice noodles, you can have this ready in only about ten minutes’ cooking time. And yet this recipe has the feel of something special that’s taken some real kitchen time to prepare. Give it a shot: I think it could well turn into one of your standard go-to dishes.

Singapore Rice Noodles


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