Vegan For Life "the Definitive Vegan Nutrition Book"

A new review by Mark Robison perfectly sums up the appeal of Jack and Ginny’s Vegan for Life:

I can’t rave enough about Jack Norris and Virginia Messina’s new book “Vegan for Life.” It displaces “Becoming Vegan” as the definitive vegan nutrition book. And when I say “vegan nutrition book,” that might sound boring but I’ve found myself reading this late into the night like a page-turning mystery. That’s, in part, because it dispels many of the things I’ve believed about vegan nutrition.

One of the oddities about vegans is that while we may rail about the dietary falsehoods accepted as truth by omnivorous Americans, there are all sorts of inaccuracies within the vegan literature that our movement has uncritically bought into. When these falsehoods concern nutrition, they’ve got the potential to harm our health or destroy our credibility as advocates.

I’m really happy to see Vegan For Life is off to a strong start and is getting the attention it deserves. I’ve no doubt the book will produce healthier vegans and more effective advocates.

If you’re attending this weekend’s Animal Rights conference in Los Angeles, Jack will be there signing books. Link.


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