Vegan Scrapple Takes Second Prize at Contest

Another sign that vegan foods can go head to head with meat and win.

Scrapple’s a stewed porky bready sort of fried thing that no sane person would touch, but that’s an institution in Philly along with their cheesesteaks. So last Saturday they held ScrappleFest 2009, which featured eight meat-based entrants and a vegan entry as well. The vegan entry came in second, beating out seven of the eight meat-based dishes.

The dish they made was based on Vrapple, a commercially-made vegan version of scrapple. The cooks didn’t mind not grabbing the top spot:

Sarah Cain and chef John Blanchet (who worked Vrapple into a recipe involving maple-roasted pumpkin) seemed rather surprised and delighted by the strong showing, and as you’ll hear in the attached 4-minute podcast, were perfectly happy not taking first. “Something would be wrong with the universe” if a veggie scrapple had won at ScrappleFest, said Blanchet, while Cain added “I think someone would put a hit out on me.” Congrats to both, and to Vrapple for carving out its own salty, pan-seared chunk of Philly food tradition.

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