Vegan Soul Kitchen

If there’s one cuisine that seemingly could never have the word “vegan” precede it, soul food has to be it.

But here we’ve got a newly-published vegan soul food cookbook from one of the top vegan book publishers. I just received my copy of the Vegan Soul Kitchen in the mail and it looks really good. I wish they’d sprung for two color printing throughout, but all the other book production values are top-notch. It’s a handsome oversized book featuring 150 recipes and including an insert of color food photos.

Soul food is about satisfying, stomach-filling recipes. Here are a few I can’t wait to try:

• Open-faced BBQ tempeh sandwich with carrot-cayenne coleslaw.

• Uncle Don’s double mustard greens and roasted yam soup.

• Tempeh, shitake mushroom, and cornmeal dumpling stew.

• Blackened tofu slabs with succotash salsa.

And how about a fresh watermelon-vodka martini to wash it all down? Damn — why couldn’t a book like this have been around 20 years ago?

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