Vegetarian Society on Cultured Meat: “Why Bother?”

Telegraph science correspondent Nick Collins polled various organizations about the merits of cultured meat. The response he received from Britain’s Vegetarian Society could not have been more clueless about omnivores nor more out of alignment with the animals’ interests:

“The biggest question for many vegetarians is ‘why?’. Why bother to create artificial meat when a balanced vegetarian diet is delicious, nutritious and sustainable?”

Why bother to create artificial meat? Because, worldwide, we slaughter tens of billions of animals each year. And we’ve got billions of people who enjoy the taste of meat too much to abandon it.

While I personally don’t miss the taste of meat at all, I’ll be thrilled when sausages can be produced without raising and killing animals. It’ll give hundreds of millions of people the opportunity to adopt cruelty-free diets without any perceived sacrifice.

It’s sad that so many vegans are completely out of touch regarding what it takes to get entrenched omnivores to make kinder food choices. It’s as if some vegans don’t want omnivores to cut out the animal cruelty, if the resultant diet is based on anything but kale and carrot juice. Link.


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