Vegetarianism and Global Warming

Audubon magazine has a great piece on the connection between meat eating and climate change. The whole thing is well-written and persuasive, and I especially like this passage:

Some folks, I realize, have a deep-down, gut-level (so to speak) reaction to vegetarianism as “unnatural.” We humans have canine teeth, after all. We evolved to include meat in our diets. To abandon such food is to break thousands of years of tradition and, in some cases, ritual behavior bordering on the sacred.

All true. But we also evolved as people who defecated indiscriminately in the woods and who didn’t brush our teeth. Somehow we’ve moved to a higher level on those counts. Now, with potentially catastrophic climate change hovering around the corner and with our briskets and London broil helping to drive the process, it’s time to evolve some more.

This article breaks new ground by convincingly arguing that meat eating causes not just cruelty to animals, but also widespread human suffering. So the question is: how many omnivores can you forward this piece to? (Thanks, Larry.) Link.


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