The Case Against Milk

Got cruelty? Got saturated fat? Got greenhouse gasses? Got somatic cells (a.k.a. pus)? Well, when you drink cows’ milk, you get all of those things—and nothing good that you can’t get from almond or soy milk. So why do people drink cows’ milk? The answer is quite simple: habit and brainwashing from the dairy industry.

Think about it: Humans are the only species to drink milk past infancy, and certainly the only species to drink the milk of a different species. Milk that is meant for baby calves, to rapidly grow them to 1,000 pound adults. Instead, we sell this stuff to adult humans who should have been weaned decades ago. It’s crazy!

Watch our video below to see five reasons to ditch dairy, and please share this with anyone you know who still believes that cows’ milk is somehow important. And next time you’re in the grocery store, please—for everyone’s sake—choose soy or almond milk instead.