Virginia Messina’s Recommended Supplements for Vegans

There are people within the vegan movement who are as into magical thinking in regard to vegan nutrition as those fools at Weston A. Price who believe that raw dairy products confer unique health benefits.

Specifically, there are more than a few vegans out there who, because they haven’t yet developed acute symptoms of deficiency, aggressively evangelize the idea that veganism is the perfect diet and couldn’t possibly lack for key nutrients.

Virginia Messina, RD, often encounters these sorts of misguided vegans and so she just wrote up a blog entry laying out the nutrients that merit special concern on a vegan diet. Her recommendations:

Essential reading. If you’re not taking the above steps, please visit or your natural food store right away and get this taken care of. With many nutrient deficiencies, especially B12, by the time symptoms arise irreversible damage may have already occurred. Link.


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