Weekly Ad: Energy Bars, Vegan Supplements, & Top Books

Energy bars are a fantastic item for vegans to keep in the pantry, since they’re ready the moment you’re hungry, and you’ll never get caught short of food. Amazon.com has the best selection, terrific prices, and free shipping. Some all-vegan brands:

If you’ve been blowing off getting the vitamins you need, check out DEVA brand multivitamins, calcium-magnesium with zinc, and sublingual B-12.

And finally, our five top-selling books of September, compiled by Amazon.com purchases made by Vegan.com readers:

  1. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
  2. The China Study
  3. The Ultimate Vegan Guide
  4. The Engine 2 Diet
  5. Eating Animals

Anytime you get to Amazon.com by following a Vegan.com link, anything and everything you buy during that visit generates commissions that allow me to keep this blog updated five days a week.


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