Weekly Ad: The Vegan Way to Get Free Shipping from Amazon.com

Have you ever needed an $11 book, or a $2 cord from Amazon.com and then wandered all over the site looking for ways to pad your order to $25 in order to qualify for free shipping? It used to happen to me all the time; doing this was stressful and I’d inevitably wonder if I really needed the items I bought in order to push my order past $25.

But I recently came up with fantastic way to avoid this hassle. Just start out by adding to your cart a vegan grocery item that you’re running short on. Since most of these items are priced around $20, just about any food purchase puts you at or near free shipping territory. Then simply add the items you actually came to Amazon to buy.

Just last week I preordered Gary Vaynerchuk’s forthcoming book, and then I bought a couple bags of chocolate nibs to put me over the $25 mark. Not only I save $5.99 by scoring free shipping, I saved an additional $5 over buying these nibs from my local natural foods store. I felt like a goddamned genius.

The easiest way to take advantage of this technique is to bookmark our Amazon.com vegan grocery page, and use that as the starting point the next time you shop on Amazon. This page brings all of Amazon’s best vegan grocery items together, plus everything you buy after visiting Amazon.com through this page generates commissions that help me keep Vegan.com constantly updated.


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