Vegan Weight Loss

Becoming vegan eliminates many of the most calorically dense and unhealthful foods in the American diet: hamburgers, fried chicken and so forth. It’s therefore not surprising that obesity rates among vegans are far lower than among the general population. So, if you’re looking to shed extra pounds, a well-planned vegan diet can make enormous sense.

What’s more, if your desire to lose weight is connected to health conditions like diabetes or heart disease, a vegan diet may help you on these fronts as well. Type 2 diabetes often improves as a person eliminates excess body weight. And since a vegan diet tends to contain much less saturated fat than does a typical omnivorous diet, going vegan can be a great choice for people suffering from heart disease.

Here are some popular vegan weight loss books:

Note that no matter what diet you follow, it’s wise to read up on nutrition. For vegans the best general nutrition book is Vegan for Life.


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