Wolf Blitzer Interviews Caldwell Esselstyn and Dean Ornish

Former President Clinton’s appearance on Wolf Blitzer’s show last week led Blitzer to invite the two doctors who’ve influenced Clinton—Caldwell Esselstyn and Dean Ornish—onto his show. It’s a terrific nine-minute segment that is doubtless going to inspire another wave of people to give vegan and near-vegan eating a try. When asked by Blitzer at what age it makes sense to start incorporating the sorts of changes Clinton has been making, Esselstyn responds:

Since we know that these foods are injuring people, why would we ever want to have them on the menu of our schoolchildren?

Midway through, Ornish argues for the benefits of eating a few grams of fish oil a day; a recommendation that Esselstyn disagrees with. But apart from that this entire segment is all vegan all the way. The doctors each make wonderful concluding statements about the benefits of plant-based eating:

Esselstyn: “The basic point here really is that by eating these whole foods and getting away from these processed foods, getting away from the dairy, anything with a mother, anything with a face, meat, fish, and chicken, it’s so incredible how powerful the body can be. And if we’re going to have  a seismic revolution of health, in this country, which is really right at our fingertips, the major behavior that has to change is interestingly enough our food. That is the absolutely key card, it trumps everything.”

Ornish: “When you make these changes because these mechanisms are so dynamic your brain gets more blood you think more clearly you have more energy. Your skin gets more blood so you don’t age as quickly. Even your sexual organs get more blood in the same way that Viagra works. So yeah, you’ll probably live longer but you’ll also feel better. And what’s sustainable is joy and pleasure and freedom. And when you make these changes most people find they feel so much better so quickly that it reframes the change from fear of dying to joy of living and that’s what’s sustainable.” (Via Benzaquen.) Link.


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