New Front Page; Ultimate Vegan Guide Now Free

Those of you reading this blog by email or through an RSS reader may not know that I made some big changes at this past weekend. Specifically, the front page no longer hosts my daily blog.

Instead, I’ve put up some text geared specifically to newcomers, which makes a quick, non-pushy, well-informed, and upbeat pitch for veganism. My intention is for to be the best place to send someone who is interested in going vegan, or who just wants to learn more about cutting back on animal products.’s front page now contains links to some of the most useful online resources for aspiring vegans.

Let me tell you: even after writing three books on the subject, laying out the advantages of veganism in just a few hundred words is fantastically difficult. The text now on the front page, and its accompanying “The Problem with Animal Products” article, took me the better part of a week to write, and I think the reason these short pieces came out as well as they did owes a great deal to the fact that I’ve written several hundred thousand words on the topic.

Perhaps most significantly, I decided to make the entire text of my Ultimate Vegan Guide available for free online reading. I decided I couldn’t live with the prospect of somebody not reading about how to be vegan, simply because they couldn’t afford to shell out $14.95 for the paperback.

I hope you’ll make an effort to let people in your circle know about the free online edition of my book, and that you’ll remember that may now be the best place to send someone who is curious about vegan living.


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