Yankees Pitcher Uses Vegan Glove

Brian Gordon spent fifteen years (!) in the minor leagues, but last Thursday he had his first major league appearance in three years, pitching for the New York Yankees.

And in that game he became part of baseball history. He’s thought to be the first major league player to use a synthetic glove during a game.

MLB.com has a long write-up all about it. It contains not a word about animal rights issues; the glove made it to the majors on its own merits, and Gordon regards it as lighter and better than a traditional leather glove.

On the one hand, leather baseball gloves are more deeply intertwined with baseball than turkey is with Thanksgiving. But on the other hand, it appears that synthetics have these gloves beat by a mile. It’s a safe bet that Gordon will be the first of many players to make the switch away from leather. With luck this trend, will ripple out to little leaguers and college baseball players. (Via Hawthorne and Ecorazzi.) Link.


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