Yes, PETA Really Does Convince People that All Animal Advocates are Nuts

After blogging my “PETA Taunts Oil Spill Victims” story late last night, I did what I often do and sent the author of the article I linked to a quick note. In this case, I wrote:

to: mike

subject: Your PETA article

Linked to it here; just wanted you to know that many of us in the animal protection community regard PETA as a bunch of fucking morons.

All the best,


This morning, Mike wrote back:

to: Erik Marcus

subject: Re: Your PETA article

Thanks for the note, Erik. I’m an animal lover myself and a very conflicted omnivore. I don’t have much of an opinion about PETA, other than that I’m skeptical of their outreach (conversion?) methods—the banner and some of their videos come to mind.

Anyway, thanks for the link and the eye-opener (and shame on me for just assuming that PETA’s was the monopoly worldview in the animal protection community).



There’s nothing I’d rather spend my waking hours doing than carrying out animal protection work. But I resent having to also do damage control for PETA, especially since it’s clear that our community can’t begin to repair all the damage they cause.


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