Alicia Silverstone’s Coffee Fudge Brownies

The Associated Press just reprinted the recipe, along with a great photo, from Alicia Silverstone’s new book The Kind Diet. You know tons of omnivores will be trying this recipe out just because it looks so appealing. Link.

USA Today Analyzes School Lunch Food Safety Standards

After publishing two important articles (Dec. 1 and Dec. 8) on the subject earlier this month, USA Today is back with more solid reporting showing why the National School Lunch Program has lagged behind the top fast food chains when it comes to beef safety. To their credit, McDonald’s and other companies were quick to […]

The New Yorker on Whole Foods Market’s John Mackey

Two of the most worthwhile things I’ve read in the past year have been lengthy magazine profiles of two men who founded wildly successful companies. A few months ago, Wired magazine ran a marvelous profile of Craigslist founder Craig Newmark. And today, the New Yorker ran a lengthy profile of Whole Foods Market founder John […]

Jack Norris RD’s One-Hour Video on Vegan Nutrition

Jack Norris RD has likely studied vegan nutrition as closely as anyone on the planet. A couple of weeks ago, the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii brought him out for an hour-long presentation titled: “Vegan Nutrition—What Does the Science Say?” In this superb lecture, Jack covers topics like B12, Omega 3s, DHA, and soy. My sense […]

Mahi Klosterhalfen: Germany’s Animal Advocacy 2009 Year in Review

2009 has been a tremendous year for farmed animal protection efforts in the United States, as Paul Shapiro made clear in yesterday’s guest blog. It’s also been a comparably important year in Germany, so I invited my friend Mahi Klosterhalfen,Vice President of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation, to tell us about the recent victories in his […]

Paul Shapiro: USA Animal Advocacy 2009 Year in Review

I asked Paul Shapiro, Senior Director of HSUS’ Factory Farming Campaign, to write a guest post for, summing up the movement’s victories on behalf of farmed animals in 2009. His response: The U.S. farm animal protection movement had quite a year in 2009. In the wake of last year’s Prop 2 passage in California, […]

Perdue Owns No Factory Farms

Agribusiness has long hated the phrase “factory farm.” But it’s such useful shorthand for places that crowd animals in grotesquely unnatural conditions that the phrase is certain to stick around as long as the practice continues. With that said, check out Perdue spokesman Luis Luna’s misleading statements attempting to disassociate Perdue from the concept of […]

Ellen’s Pot Pie Cooking Demo

Ellen DeGeneres just brought her personal chef onto her show for a cooking demo for a vegan chicken pot pie. It’s a terrific demo. and you can tell they had a lot of fun doing it. Pie baking has always intimidated me, but after watching this, I have total confidence I could throw together one […]

Reuters Q&A with Tal Ronnen

Reuters has an interview with Tal Ronnen, plus a great-looking recipe that stars fingerling potatoes. A couple interesting exchanges from the interview: Q: Why did you decide to become a vegan chef? A: “I became a vegan chef out of the sheer frustration from eating at restaurants and not having great experiences. I was growing […]