Vegan Nutrition Guide

Plant foods contain numerous compounds that have anti-cancer properties. Some people find that replacing meat, dairy and eggs with fiber-packed plant foods helps them shed weight, too. The benefits of being mostly or entirely vegan vary between individuals, though, depending on other lifestyle factors, your genes, and your previous diet.

Protein Requirements for Vegans

From the 1970s through the 1990s, there was a widespread belief that vegetarians and vegans ran great risks of protein deficiency. Much of this concern is traceable to the first bestselling vegetarian advocacy book, Diet for a Small Planet (published in 1971), which in hindsight offered protein recommendations that were needlessly complex and demanding.

Today, many vegans have contempt for the topic, and will dismiss any concerns about protein intake as ignorant. But belittling the importance of protein is as unwise as believing that vegans are automatically in trouble.

Vegan Pregnancy Guide

There’s no stage in life where nutrition matters so much as it does during pregnancy. After all, you’re providing the nutrition necessary to support two lives. Since the earliest moments of life are pivotal, nutrition leading up to conception, and during pregnancy, is massively important. Many mothers, whether vegan or not, fail to eat an optimally nutritious diet during pregnancy.

This guide will teach you the main things to pay attention to, as you contemplate becoming pregnant while following a vegan diet.

Vegan Iron

Iron is an essential nutrient required to build hemoglobin molecules that are present in red blood cells. People who don’t consume enough iron develop anemia, and often feel chronically tired and low-energy. Iron is abundant in the plant kingdom and it’s easy to obtain through a vegan diet.

Most vegans will never have to worry about their iron intake as long as they are eating a varied diet, but some people (usually women) struggle to maintain adequate iron levels. You can obtain your iron level through a basic blood test. If you are confronting anemia, are pregnant, or aren’t eating a diverse diet, here are some ways to boost your iron levels…

Calcium Requirements for Vegans

Attending to your body’s requirements for calcium requires greater care than what’s needed for the above nutrients, since most foods are relatively low in calcium and most people don’t supplement for this nutrient. Supplementing would indeed be a wise choice for many vegans and non-vegans.


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Vegan Omega 3 Guide: ALA, DHA, & EPA Fats

Just as there are many kinds of protein, there are likewise numerous forms of fat. Chemistry and nutrition graduate students can spend months studying the functions of these various protein and fat molecules. But simply gaining an understanding of how to meet your body’s needs for protein and fat is relatively straightforward.

Just a little reading on these two topics can enable you to avoid some of the most common pitfalls associated with vegan nutrition.

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Vitamin B-12 Recommendations for Vegans

B-12 is a crucial nutrient for vegans. Not having a reliable source almost guarantees serious long-term health problems. Vitamin B12 is found exclusively in foods of animal origin, and the amount of this nutrient present in an unfortified vegan diet is essentially zero. It can, however, take several years for a deficiency to arise, since B12is stored in the liver. It’s dangerous to be complacent about finding a reliable source of B12 because deficiency can creep up over time, silently doing damage before symptoms arise.

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