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Last Updated: March 16, 2018

Vegan.com exists to provide useful and reliable information about all aspects of plant-based eating—information that’s hard to find elsewhere. The fields of food politics and nutrition aren’t exactly swarming with the world’s most competent and well-informed people, so misinformation on vegan topics is everywhere. On top of that, many vegan-oriented sites tend to use rhetoric that feels less than inviting to non-vegans.

This site exists to help you find whatever information you need that relates to vegan lifestyles, and if you’re presently eating meat, milk, or eggs you’re especially welcome here. Nearly all the text on this site was written by me, Erik Marcus. I’ve followed a vegan diet for thirty years and have written four books related to the topic. I spend most of my time slacking off, but I get uptight when I encounter misinformation that relates to vegan lifestyles, and not a day goes by that I don’t find something on the subject that’s just appallingly wrong. So while I’m not much fun to hang out with, I’m confident you’ll find the material I publish on this site to be accurate and super helpful.

I believe the arguments for becoming vegan, or at least moving in that direction, are so compelling that there’s never a reason to exaggerate the truth. If we’re ever going to have a compassionate and sustainable world where food production is concerned, it’ll be brought about by well-informed high integrity people who insist on taking the moral high road.

With that in mind, this site deliberately leaves a lot of money on the table, in an effort to bring you the best possible experience. You may notice we’ve got no pop up boxes that pester you for your email. You’ll never find an autoplay audio advertisement on this site either. I refuse to integrate Facebook code onto our pages, despite the fact that it would be an easy way to boost traffic. You won’t find clickbait titles, or flashing ads, and you’ll certainly never see a slide show here. I’ve optimized this site around giving you useful information, rather than maximizing pageviews or ad impressions. Even our social media, reluctant as I am to have anything to do with it in the first place, refuses to promulgate cringe-worthy memes stamped with “Click if you agree” taglines.

The site’s only source of revenue is Amazon.com affiliate links, which admittedly isn’t a company that’s as pure as the driven snow. If you’re not OK with using Amazon, I completely understand. But if you’re going to purchase from them anyway, clicking our links to get there will generate 8 percent commissions for Vegan.com for every purchase you make on that visit. That in turn enables me to keep turning the crank upgrading content for this site, while allowing me to totally bypass intrusive revenue generation models. So if you’ve got AdBlock running on your PC, I hope you’ll consider turning it off so that my hand-picked ads for vegan products on Amazon properly appear. On a related matter, even though they generate revenue for Vegan.com, you’ll probably also find our grocery, books, vitamins, and cookbook pages to be uniquely helpful when it comes to finding the very best vegan products.

Vegan.com offers the Internet’s most comprehensive and accurate source of vegan information on every topic, with expanding coverage and updates happening every week. All our key content is easy to find, as it fills the bulk of our front page. For more specialized content, check out our page devoted to lifestyle guides. And if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, our vegan info directory contains every single reference page we’ve published.


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