A Review: John Robbins’ No Happy Cows

Last Saturday night, I clicked a Facebook ad for John Robbins’ new book: No Happy Cows: Dispatches from the Frontlines of the Food Revolution. I was sold as soon as I read the title, and five seconds later I purchased the book for my Kindle. Now I’m wishing that Amazon.com offered a way to refund… Read more »

Marion Nestle on Toxic Chicken

Powerful and disturbing stuff here. The already pathetically inadequate regulations regarding chicken inspection are about to get watered down even further. Leaving animal cruelty considerations completely aside, it’s hard to imagine that anybody who is well-informed would eat industrially-produced chicken. And like never before, the public is discovering the truth. Link.

Nick Cooney on “Meat-Free” vs. “Vegetarian”

An important essay on why “meat-free” wins over more people than “vegetarian.” Everybody who aspires to become an animal millionaire should read Cooney’s superb Change of Heart. There’s nobody else in the vegan world who compares to Cooney when it comes to figuring out the most persuasive approaches to animal advocacy. (Via Vegan Outreach.) Link.

Bittman’s Chris Hayes Outtakes

Some notes from Bittman following his must-see appearance this week on MSNBC. I love this: But if a product means death for you or your neighbor or the environment, we simply shouldn’t be producing it. If people lose their jobs as a result, I’m sympathetic, but we can’t be supporting a process that poisons our… Read more »

Cody Carlson Interview

A great new Mercy For Animals interview with former undercover investigator Cody Carlson: [Being an undercover investigator] was more challenging than anything else I will ever experience. The physical labor, constant emotional heartbreak, and psychological somersaults of living undercover come together to keep you constantly gasping for air, just hoping to make it another day… Read more »

MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes Hosts Roundtable on Pink Slime

Mark Bittman was a guest this morning on MSNBC’s “Up with Chris Hayes.” Hayes does a better than any news anchor I’ve seen of probing the ethical issues surrounding animal agribusiness. Hayes’ panel doesn’t gloss over anything of substance, and they directly address the ethics of killing nine billion animals a year for food. Vegans… Read more »

Dusty’s Rock

How could you not love this? (Via Sullivan.) Link.

Cause of Honey Bee Die-Off Likely Discovered

Harvard researchers believe the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder stems from the widespread practice of beekeepers feeding their bees high fructose corn syrup after stealing their honey. Traces of the pesticide imidacloprid, often found in corn syrup, are apparently all it takes to disorient adult bees so they are unable to return to their hives…. Read more »

Sarkara Sweets Vegan Cupcakes

Gainesville, Florida—of all places—has a new all-vegan cupcake bakery. Uploaded by: Sarkara Sweets

Brad Plumer’s Insufficiently Wonkish Defense of Pink Slime

Right now, given the economics of web publishing and the fact that pink slime is constantly in the news, it’s probably irresistible contrarion linkbait to write an article defending the stuff. Brad Plumer has just published such a piece in Ezra Klein’s Washington Post Wonkblog. Unfortunately, Plumer’s analysis isn’t wonkish enough by half. It in fact ignores… Read more »