Bid to Overturn California Foie Gras Ban Fails

The movement to keep foie gras legal in California just got a stake driven through its heart. The San Francisco Chronicle reports: California’s legislative leaders said Wednesday they will not help a group of chefs who want to overturn an impending foie gras ban. Good deal. Fuck those people. This loathsome bid wouldn’t have gotten… Read more »

Three Vegan Pasta Salads from Grant Butler

The Oregonian reporter offers up his recipes for Lemon-Basil Greek Orzo Salad, Mexican Black Bean Pasta Salad, and Minestrone Pasta Salad. Here’s his accompanying article. Now that the weather’s warming up, a pasta salad is a perfect dish to add to your cooking rotation.

Consumers Union Calls for New Mad Cow Regulations

In the wake of last month’s mad cow discovery in California, the Consumers Union has just publicly asked the USDA to ban several risky cattle feeding practices—specifically brains, blood, and poultry litter. Agribusiness newspaper Feedstuff’s has a distorted take on things: FDA currently prohibits such materials from older cows, but not from younger ones. The reason… Read more »

Merberg on Pigs vs. Peas

If only Michael Pollan could think things through with half the care that Adam Merberg does. Link.

Kari Hamerschlag on the Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is a thicket of corruption and wasted money. Kari Hamerschlag has the best short breakdown of the bill that I’ve seen: Without the efforts of Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), the chair of the committee, the bill would have been even worse, but as it is, the proposal will continue to give away… Read more »

Vegan Dessert Takes Third Prize at Grilled Cheese Contest

Compassion Over Killing announced this morning: For the first time in its 10-year history, the Grilled Cheese Invitational (CGI), hosted at the Pasadena Rose bowl on April 28, handed out an award for a vegan sandwich. First-time competitor vegan chef Gwendolyn Mathers, who works for and was entered by non-profit animal protection organization Compassion Over Killing (COK), took home… Read more »

Pollan, Vegans, and Plant Suffering

The New York Times with another round of the same old horse shit about plant suffering: Is it morally permissible to submit to total instrumentalization living beings that, though they do not have a central nervous system, are capable of basic learning and communication? Should their swift response to stress leave us coldly indifferent, while… Read more »

California Chefs Try to Derail Upcoming Foie Gras Ban

Writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, Stacy Finz and Paolo Lucchesi report: More than 100 of California’s best-known chefs have joined forces to fight the nation’s first state law banning the sale of foie gras. Typical for the Chronicle, this story is heavily slanted in favor of foie gras producers, who get their absurd talking points… Read more »

Pink Slime’s Sequel: “Meat Glue”

Dan Noyes of San Francisco’s ABC News reports: It’s commonly called meat glue — and it does just that — glues bits and pieces of less desirable meat together, back into one single piece. But while pink slime is simply gross to think about, glued meat that’s not handled properly could make you sick. American… Read more »

Pasta and Salad

Even simple vegan meals can still be incredibly elegant. From the La Vida Vegga blog. Uploaded by: keddylee