Fudgy Wudgy Blueberry Brownies

Fudgy wudgy blueberry brownies Originally uploaded by fiikus When I posted my comment form last week, I got plenty of people asking me to include photos in the Vegan.com blog. So here’s my first such entry — a brand new photo from Isa’s latest cookbook seemed like a perfect start. You can click through to… Read more »

Weekly Ad: Site Development and Amazon Links

Since Vegan.com now offers full feeds, and it’s possible to get most of our content without visiting the site, I’ll be including one advertising blog entry per week. This is it. We’ve made some huge improvements to the site over the past few days. I licensed this great new template which I think makes the… Read more »

Chocolate Milk Better Than No Milk at All

A remarkable new study, noted for its scientific rigor and total lack of bias, has found that it’s better for kids to drink chocolate milk and other pre-sweetened milk products than to not drink milk at all. Many thanks to the National Dairy Council for funding this study. Link. Technorati Tags: dairy, milk

McDonald’s: Our Food is Wholesome

Here’s an entertaining article about McDonald’s going on the defensive to assure customers that their products are made from quality ingredients. One TV spot goes: “No preservatives, no filler, no no-nos. The only thing in our beef is beef.” As if that’s a good thing. Link. Technorati Tags: beef, fast food

USDA Says They’re Now Serious About Cruelty

What an odd but welcome story. After decades of doing next to nothing where animal cruelty enforcement is concerned, the USDA suddenly says they’re taking it seriously, even to the point of conducting their own undercover investigations. This all stems from last month’s Chino/Hallmark cruelty investigation. Link. Technorati Tags: animal rights, beef, cruelty, slaughterhouse

County Milk Maid Crowned

This article is so surreal you would swear the person who wrote it was high as a kite. Nevertheless, the piece is an excellent window into the low-rent side of dairy marketing. The sad thing is you get the feeling that participating in this lame excuse for a marketing campaign is the highlight of these… Read more »

New Layout, Plus the VegTalk Podcast is Back Up

This afternoon Joshua and I finished porting the site to a new layout. In the process, the links to our podcast broke. Apologies to anyone who was frustrated in trying to download the shows. Everything’s now fixed and back up.

Raw Egg Cocktails

The wonderful thing about distilled spirits is they are the one form of alcohol that’s nearly always vegan. But now, a bunch of New York bartenders are ruining everything. It’s become the rage to add raw eggs to mixed drinks: “They blend the drink, and add body to it.” At least the article acknowledges the… Read more »

Earl Butz All Over Again

Fantastic New York Times article about how the noose is tightening on traditional Polish animal farms. The European Commission seems to be tilting the playing field so that only large factory farms will survive. Link. Technorati Tags: factory farming, meat, family farms

The Virtue of Foam

As supermarkets go green, many of the necessary changes are easy to make. But one easy-sounding step — the elimination of foam trays — has butchers quaking in their boots. Foam trays visually pop at the meat stand. They’re white, look clean and don’t leak blood. The article continues with further graphic details of why… Read more »