Chipotle’s Vegan Practices

Here’s an article about a new Chipotle Mexican Grill opening up, and it has some happy news about the entire chain’s practices for vegetarians: Chipotle is also vegetarian, using strict guidelines that stipulate that meat utensils never touch the vegetarian or vegan food, Carson said. Just be sure to get black beans rather than pintos,… Read more »

Update from Paul Shapiro

The Wall Street Journal has a large profile [subscription needed to read full article] on HSUS today entitled “Humane Society Probes Put Pressure on Firms.” It details how HSUS has become more action-oriented and notes that “[i]n recent years, a range of businesses have felt the squeeze from the organization.” The full story is definitely… Read more »

Meat Production Linked to Crime?

From Matt Ball: The New York Times’ Freakonomics blog just posted an entry about how crime tends to be elevated in communities near slaughterhouses, raising the possibility that kill-floor conditions turn workers into criminals. I dunno — the fact that slaughterhouses are often plunked into poor rural communities with bad schools and insufficient social services… Read more »

Upgrades in Progress

I’m about to post a new podcast, but I’m afraid after that there won’t be any blog entries today. Joshua and I are upgrading WordPress, and I’ve also decided to switch to a three-column format for the site. There goes my afternoon ;) This strikes me as a wonderful opportunity to remind everyone who hasn’t… Read more »

WTO Repeals Europe’s Beef Hormone Ban

It would seem common sense that a country should have the right to bar the sale of meat from hormone-treated animals, but that’s not how things work under current trade agreements. You know the Cattlemen are popping champagne corks over this ruling. Link. Technorati Tags: beef

Good News: Oysters are Vegetarian!

Kung Pao Chicken is one of the most popular Chinese dishes, and the Associated Press just published a “vegetarian” version made with tofu. Oyster sauce is included in the ingredients, so that must mean oysters are vegetarian. Who would have thought? Link. Technorati Tags: vegetarian

Chicken Commodity Numbers

To get a sense of just how enormous the number of animals produced at factory farms is, there’s nothing like glancing at boring industry reports. In just the past week alone, the meat chicken industry incubated 216 million eggs for the sake of raising these birds for meat. Link. Technorati Tags: chicken, factory farming, meat

No Love for Skinny Bitch

Skinny Bitch may have legions of fans, and be the runaway bestselling vegan book — it’s certainly convinced a ton of people to stop eating animal products. But the book nevertheless has an amazingly polarizing effect, even among vegans. Here’s an articulate review by a prominent vegan blogger who hates, hates, hates the book. Link…. Read more »

Another Slaughterhouse Burns

For the second time in a week, there’s been a major fire at a slaughterhouse — this one involving 80 firefighters. Priceless quote from the article: There was livestock, including cattle and lambs, on the premises, but they were not said to be at risk from the fire. Nice to hear those animals at the… Read more »