PETA and Vegan Doritos

Here’s a link to a press release from PETA announcing the first-ever flavored vegan Doritos. All well and good, and it’s exciting to see the introduction of mainstream junk food that even vegans can eat. But as often is the case, PETA finds a way to blow it…referring to cows “raped” — quotation marks PETA’s… Read more »

USDA Waits Five Weeks to Publish Recall List

When it comes to protecting the public health, the USDA moves like lighting. It’s now been more than five weeks since the largest beef recall in US history. Much of that beef — 37 million pounds! — was purchased for school lunch programs across the United States. Yet the USDA waited until yesterday to publish… Read more »

The Ethics of Conscientious Omnivorism

If people insist on eating meat, it’s obviously important to eliminate as much cruelty as possible. But does getting rid of some pain and suffering mean that it’s then ethically OK to kill the animal? Elisa Camahort just wrote a caustic piece on this for the San Jose Metro, an alternative weekly — there’s some… Read more »

The Public Health? The USDA Couldn’t Care Less

One of the primary things motivating my work for at least the past decade has been the strong belief that most vegans aren’t all that good at talking about the issues, and are therefore not as persuasive as they need to be: animals die because we can’t articulate the issues effectively. Perhaps the main theme… Read more »

The Worst Fast Foods Ever, Episode 348

Articles just like this one seem to come out every few months, and yet I can never bring myself to look the other way. Happily, this one has photos of the “food.” My vote for most disgusting item: the Fritos Chili Pie sold by Sonic Drive-in. What kind of cross-branding satan managed to dream up… Read more »

Debugging Completed!

If you’ve been following the site this week, you know I’ve been constantly cleaning things up. Tonight I gritted my teeth and did a huge bug-squashing session, pretty much eliminating every XHTML flaw I had control over. I’m happy to say that the site now displays perfectly for both Internet Explorer and AOL browser users…. Read more »

Welcome to Vegan Outreach Supporters

Thanks to Vegan Outreach for mentioning the relaunch in their latest eNewsletter. The new site has been up for less than a week and I’m still working out the kinks. I’m working hard to improve the site and add great new content. Stay tuned for a new podcast tomorrow, featuring vegan chef extraordinaire Robin… Read more »

You Oughta Be in Pictures

Everyone knows the picture on the package often bears little resemblance to the actual food. But it’s still often shocking to see the gap between the image and reality. A German website photographed a hundred food items, and contrasts these images with the package illustrations. There’s something about these images that make it impossible to… Read more »

Cattle Network: Put Your Beef Ideas On Video & Win Big

I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it…I’m about to lose control and I think I like it. The Cattle Network is ripping off PETA’s idea, and trying to get ordinary folks to create videos promoting beef. They think this is how viral videos are born. Five winners get an iPod Touch. Wow-wee, such big… Read more »

We’re Back Online

Hey all — our server provider had an outage, knocking down for most of this afternoon. Sorry about that. I hope I don’t come off as a noodge, but this is one more reason to subscribe to our RSS feeds (see the upper right hand corner of the site.) I’ve heard some reports from… Read more »