Why Healthy Fast Food Tastes Awful

Yesterday I asserted that KFC’s foray into roasted chicken is doomed, because roasted chicken has little flavor, and what flavor it has is unpleasant. I just stumbled upon this old Slate article from 2003 that takes a closer look at the mediocrity that invariably occurs when the big fast food chains try to come up… Read more »

Surprise, Surprise: Women Prefer Veggies, Men Prefer Meat

If you go to a lot of vegetarian gatherings, you’ve probably noticed that often about two-thirds of the attendees are female. This can give rise to all sorts of half-baked speculation about the differences between the sexes. But now there’s some serious evidence that may explain why significantly more women than men embrace vegetarianism. A… Read more »

Two Factory Farming Victories This Week

HSUS’ factory farming team is constantly pushing factory farming to the fringes of society, and two victories from this past week are worthy of note. Tampa has become the fifth city in Florida to condemn the production of battery eggs. And the University of Montana Western has become the latest of hundreds of Universities to… Read more »

Fire Destroys Huge Arkansas Slaughterhouse

A 150,000 square foot slaughterhouse owned by Cargill has burned to the ground, and the surrounding town has been evacuated twice. One resident says, “They just did a $40 million expansion and it’s gone.” Too bad, so sad. Link. Technorati Tags: slaughterhouse

Swedish Study Indicates Vegan Diets Reduce Heart Risk

A Swedish study in which arthritis patients were put on a gluten-free vegan diet has been getting a lot of press lately, and this CBS piece nicely summarizes the results. The study in question only involved 66 patients, but it indicates that the patients put on the vegan diet were at reduced risk of heart… Read more »

Robin Robertson’s New Blog

While I was busy working on the relaunch of Vegan.com, one of my favorite vegan cooks started a wonderful new cooking blog. I’ve long thought Robin Robertson’s Vegan Planet was the cookbook to buy if you could only have one vegan cookbook. And she’s got a great new cookbook out, Vegan Fire & Spice, specifically… Read more »

KFC Refuses to Learn from Past Mistakes

One of the only pleasant things about observing the fast food industry is watching companies crash and burn when they attempt to change strategies. KFC has made repeated attempts to sell grilled chicken but all have failed. Why? Because grilled chicken tastes like…chicken. And the only effective way to make chicken taste good is to… Read more »

Eat a Steak, Kill a Buffalo

Yellowstone National Park provides habitat to fewer than 5000 buffalo. Of these, about a fourth have been killed by hunters in just the past year. This article covers the big picture beautifully, while omitting the single most pertinent fact — the beef industry is entirely to blame for the mass slaughter of the buffalo, by… Read more »

Tell Us What You Think

Now that the new Vegan.com site is up, I’m dying to know what you think. So please fill out our handy dandy form, and let me know. On April 1st 2008, I’ll choose one submission at random and send the winner a signed copy of my book, Meat Market: Animals, Ethics, & Money.

Death by Agave

It seems once a food starts getting hyped as healthy, it’s only a matter of time before a backlash occurs. Today’s victim is agave nectar, and the Chicago Tribune has an article in which two nutrition experts argue over whether it’s good or bad for you. I use a few tablespoons a week of the… Read more »