Books on Vegan Topics: Selected Titles

Noteworthy vegan-oriented texts and cookbooks
Last Updated: August 24, 2018

New Releases

There are hundreds of books related to veganism in print. Here are the very best.

Recent Titles of Note

Books related to veganism are constantly being published. Here are the best new releases.


  1. Eat for the Planet, by Nil Zacharias & Gene Stone
  2. This book brings together the numerous powerful environmental reasons to embrace a vegan diet, while showing how easy it is to make the transition to a plant-based lifestyle.

  3. Food Is the Solution: What to Eat to Save the World, by Matthew Prescott
  4. A comprehensive and up-to-date 50 page introduction to the environmental advantages of a vegan diet, followed up by 80 vegan recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts. Hardcover with full-color printing throughout.

  5. The Way of the Vegan Meathead, by Daniel Austin
  6. The biases and misinformation surrounding vegan diets and strength training are once and for all laid to rest in this book by competitive power lifter Daniel Austin. Includes meal planning for a strength-supporting diet, plus all the motivation you’ll need to take your fitness to the next level.

  7. Clean Meat, By Paul Shapiro
  8. It won’t be long before you can eat all the meat you want, without a single animal being harmed in order to produce it. Paul Shapiro has the details of the technology that may soon render factory farms and slaughterhouses obsolete.

  9. Mercy For Animals, by Nathan Runkle
  10. The founder of Mercy For Animals offers up inside details about his relentless efforts to put an end to animal slaughter and factory farming.

  11. The Skeptical Vegan, by Eric Lindstrom
  12. A great many people transitioning to a vegan lifestyle do it with mixed feelings and reluctance. Here’s a brand new book just for them.

  13. How to Create a Vegan World, by Tobias Leenaert
  14. Strategic thinking on how to engage with omnivores and frame the vegan message in a manner most likely to encourage meaningful change.

Compassionate Food Choices

Books Exposing the Injustices of Animal Agribusiness

If you’re already thinking about going vegan, reading a book or two on the topic may well seal the deal. Plus, there’s no better time than right at the very start of your transition to become deeply informed about food politics. Be wary about what you read, since unreliable pro-vegan and anti-vegan information abounds. The following books offer excellent and authoritative research on the topics of factory farming, food politics, and vegan lifestyles. Keep in mind that for many people, film is a more accessible way to learn about the advantages of being vegan, and there are several excellent movies on the topic.
  1. Project Animal Farm, by Sonia Faruqi
  2. An incredibly thorough investigation into the myriad ethical failings surrounding animal agribusiness. Faruqi is a gifted writer and skilled investigative reporter, who brings her keen economics background to analyzing an industry that consistently puts profits before compassion.

  3. Dead Zone: Where the Wild Things Were, by Philip Lymbery
  4. Britain’s leading factory farm opponent offers a evenhanded look at the staggering environmental costs of intensive animal farming. Lymbery shows how raising billions of animals for food has decimated ecosystems and pushed numerous species around the world to the brink of extinction.

  5. Esther the Wonder Pig, by Jenkins, Walter, & Crane
  6. The softest and most entertaining possible entry-point into exploring the issues related to factory farming and food politics. Ricky Gervais calls this book, “Funny, moving, and heartwarming. The greatest love story ever told between two men and their pig.”

  7. Eating Animals, by Jonathan Safran Foer
  8. Renowned novelist Jonathan Safran Foer took two years away from fiction in order to research and write this extraordinary book examining animal agribusiness. Fair, nuanced, and deeply-informed at every turn, this book reveals the ethical implications of factory farming.

  9. The CAFO Reader, by David Imhoff
  10. An anthology of dozens of essays by the leading critics of animal agribusiness. Offers in-depth coverage of every major topic pertaining to meat, milk, and egg production.

  11. Animal Liberation, by Peter Singer
  12. First released in 1975, this title is today regarded as the book that launched the modern animal protection movement. In 2009, Singer thoroughly updated this classic with new information regarding factory farming, and the substantial progress that has been made toward achieving the book’s title. If you want an introduction to the rigorous thinking that underlies opposition to the meat industry and factory farming, there’s no better place to start.

Get Started Eating Vegan

Guides to Going Vegan

Going vegan is ten times easier if you’ve got the help and advice of somebody who’s been doing it for years. These books will make it easy to complete the transition.
  1. But I Could Never Go Vegan! By Christy Turner
  2. If you want help going vegan and can only buy one book, this is our top pick. It’s got loads of helpful advice plus more than 100 easy recipes that are perfect for getting started. Gorgeous full-color photography throughout.

  3. The Ultimate Vegan Guide, By Erik Marcus
  4. From the publisher of, a comprehensive yet entertaining guide to every aspect of becoming vegan—from shopping to cooking to nutrition to budget and gourmet dining. The book’s first two chapters offer what’s probably the best available introduction to the ethical, environmental, and health advantages of being vegan. You can buy the Kindle edition of this book for just 99¢.

  5. Vegan For Life, By Jack Norris & Ginny Messina
  6. The best book covering vegan nutrition, written by two top experts in the field. A great many vegans fall prey to easily-avoided nutrition mistakes. This is the book to get in order to make sure all your bases are covered.

  7. But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan!, by Kristy Turner
  8. A book designed to get your whole family on board to eagerly eating more plant-based meals—this book is so good it even works on husbands! 125 fantastic family-friendly recipes, with enticing full-color food photography throughout.

Easy Vegan Starter Cookbooks

Start with the Easiest Vegan Cookbook You Can Find

The very first vegan cookbook you own ought to be geared toward quick and easy recipes you can make every day. Once you master the basics of easy vegan cooking, you can branch out by exploring new cuisines. There are hundreds of vegan cookbooks in print, covering every type of food imaginable. We’ve collected the very best on our Cookbooks page. But before you buy any of the books featured there, make sure you pick out one of the basic titles featured below.
  1. Thug Kitchen 101, by Davis & Holloway
  2. This cookbook is full of profanity, but that’s only because its recipes totally kick @#&. Of course, that may make it a poor choice for some people. For all the rest, this is some of the most delicious vegan food you can make. Plus, it’s in hardcover, which means it’ll better stand up to years of use in the kitchen. Beautiful full-color food photography throughout. You won’t believe the quality of food you can produce in just a few minutes’ time.

  3. Isa Does it, by Isa Chandra Moskowitz
  4. Isa’s probably best known for her dessert recipes and for coauthoring the classic vegan reference cookbook Veganomicon, but here she brings together her favorite quick-and-easy selections. Like Thug Kitchen 101, this book’s full of beautiful photography, and has a durable liquid-repelling hardcover binding.

  5. More Quick-Fix Vegan, By Robin Robertson
  6. The second quick-and-easy outing by the most prolific cookbook author in the vegan community. Robin’s books are widely acclaimed, and her recipes here and dead-simple and written up in the clearest possible style. This title is the perfect choice for newbie cooks!

  7. Oh She Glows Every Day, By Angela Liddon
  8. The quick-and-easy cookbook offering from a wildly-popular vegan cooking blogger. With her reliance on fresh vegetables, this may be the most healthful easy cookbook you can find.

Nutrition and Health

Expert Advice on Vegan Nutrition

Just as it’s possible to get into trouble on an omnivorous diet, a vegan diet has potential pitfalls of its own. Fortunately, most of these hazards are easily avoided if you have the right information. These terrific books will show you how to construct a well-planned, healthful, and satisfying vegan diet.
  1. Becoming Vegan: Express Edition, by Davis & Melina
  2. A current and concise guide to nutrition, authored by two veteran dietitians who have devoted their careers to advising vegans on how to make sensible food choices.

  3. Vegan for Her, by Messina & Fields
  4. A thorough guide to women’s nutrition for vegans. Covers all the topics you’d expect, including pregnancy, nursing, menopause, osteoporosis. Also features expert advice on nutrients of special interest to women like calcium and iron.

  5. Never Too Late to Go Vegan, by Adams, Breitman, & Messina
  6. Since the vegan population is disproportionately young, the vegan literature skews to a youthful audience as well. This may be the only vegan book written specifically to an older audience. And it’s got a wealth of nutrition information of special interest to everyone middle-aged and up.

  7. The Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book, by Reed Mangels, PhD, RD
  8. If there’s ever a time to take vegan nutrition seriously, it’s during pregnancy. Not only does the author of this book have both a PhD and RD, she’s also a longtime adviser to the Vegetarian Resource Group.

Fitness and Sports

Vegan Diets are Great for Strength, Bodybuilding, and Endurance

A vegan diet is compatible with most casual and serious fitness regimens. Whether you’re looking to bulk up, run the Iron Man, or just lose those last ten pounds, these books will help you match your vegan diet to an appropriate fitness or training program.
  1. Finding Ultra, by Rich Roll
  2. One of the fittest humans alive, Rich Roll tells his story of embracing veganism while adopting an extreme fitness lifestyle. Roll once completed five different Ironman triathlons in Hawaii in the space of just one week.

  3. Eat & Run, by Scott Jurek
  4. For many years Jurek held the record for the greatest distance run in 24 hours. A man of supreme willpower, Jurek tells the story of how he transitioned from a kid who hunted his own meat to a vegan who is one of the world’s most famed ultra-endurance runners.

  5. Vegan Fitness for Mortals, by Ellen Jaffe-Jones
  6. Admittedly, reading the stories of people like Rich Roll and Scott Jurek can be intimidating. Here’s the book for vegans who want fitness in moderation, and better health without massive commitment. If you want to bump up your activity a notch while getting the biggest payback for your training time, this is the perfect title to get.

  7. No-Meat Athlete, by Matt Frazier
  8. This highly regarded and relentlessly encouraging book splits the difference between Roll and Jurek’s books and Jaffe’s Fitness for Mortals. Frazier is an ultramarathoner who takes you through the basics of setting up an effective training program, and this book includes solid nutritional advice from Matthew Ruscigno, MPH, RD. Also check out the companion volume: The No-Meat Athlete Cookbook.

Veggie & Animal Activism

How to Step Up Your Advocacy Game

A little reading can make the difference between being a moderately successful vegan advocate, and one who creates change at every turn. Here are the best books to get started.
  1. The Animal Activist’s Handbook, by Ball and Friedrich
  2. It’s easy to get started doing activism that will keep large numbers of animals from harm, and this is the perfect book to learn the key skills and opportunities.

  3. Change of Heart, by Nick Cooney
  4. If The Animal Activist’s Handbook is the perfect introductory guide to activism, Change of Heart is like graduate-level coursework on the topic. This is the book to read for when you’ve gained some experience as an activist, and are looking for refinements that can bump your effectiveness up a notch.

  5. Uncaged, by Benjamin Davidow
  6. Thirty short but invaluable essays from top veteran animal advocates focusing on the secrets to winning massive change for animals.

  7. Self-Care for Activists, By Erik Marcus
  8. Caring for animals, and working on their behalf, can exact a heavy emotional toll over time. And many activists, though skilled at protecting animals, don’t know how to avoid burnout and recover from trauma. This lengthy essay is available free on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and Google Play.

Children’s Books

Big Ideas for Little Ones

If you want to instill compassionate values related to animals and eating, here are some terrific children’s titles worth purchasing.
  1. Where’s the Turkey?, by Caroline Jones
  2. Everyone learns a lesson of compassion during a family Thanksgiving.

  3. That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, by Ruby Roth
  4. This book gently introduces children to the injustices of animal exploitation in its myriad forms, and the compassionate alternative.

  5. V is for Vegan, by Ruby Roth
  6. Not only does this book teach compassionate food choices, it also introduces children to the fundamentals of good vegan nutrition.

  7. Not a Nugget, by Stephanie Dryer
  8. “Food or Friend?” This book raises the question and affirmatively chooses the latter. Foreword by Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Baur.

  9. Linus the Vegetarian T. Rex, by Robert Neubecker
  10. Kids love dinosaurs, but unfortunately for parents seeking a great vegan children’s book the T. Rex is the biggest, baddest carnivore of them all. Until along came Linus.

  11. Horton Hears a Who!, by Dr. Suess
  12. No compassionate children’s library is complete without some Dr. Seuss, and this beloved classic has introduced millions of children to empathy and extending compassion to every being, no matter how small.