Vegan Cheese Brands and Cookbooks

Cheese for Vegans

Many people interested in becoming vegan are hesitant to contemplate giving up cheese, believing it’ll entail massive deprivation. Yet it is surprisingly easy to drop dairy-based cheese from your diet simply by replacing it with soy or nut-based cheeses. Not only are store-bought brands widely available, it’s also easy to make delicious vegan cheese at home.

The following sections offer vegan cheese brands available in North America and worldwide. And this page concludes with a shockingly long list of cookbooks specifically devoted to making vegan cheese at home.

Vegan Cheese Brands (Based in North America, distribution varies):

Vegan Cheese Brands (Based in Europe, distribution varies):

Vegan Cheese Cookbooks

In addition to whatever brands of vegan cheese you can purchase, you can also make outrageously good gourmet vegan cheeses at home. There are currently more than a half-dozen popular cookbooks devoted exclusively to vegan cheese:

Finally, here’s our recipe for cashew cheese. It’s got just eight ingredients and you can make a batch in five minutes. It’s great on pizza, in grilled cheese sandwiches, or just spread cold and topped with sprouts on a toasted bagel.

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