Vegan Cookies: Companies & Cookbooks

Vegan cookies are easy to find, as are cookbooks with fantastic vegan cookie recipes.
Last Updated: August 25, 2018

Going vegan need not mean doing without cookies—vegan brands are widely available. While cookies are traditionally made with milk and eggs, vegan bakers have long ago figured out how to do away with these ingredients without sacrificing a bit of texture or flavor.

There are almost certainly vegan cookies for sale near you, but if not you can easily purchase several brands via mail-order. We’ve listed the largest North American brands below, and you may also be able to find locally-made vegan cookies at your favorite coffee shop or natural foods store (at groceries, these local brands often won’t sold be in the cookie aisle; instead check the deli counter or near the cash registers.) Also, the bakery at every Whole Foods Market makes its own vegan cookies.

If you’re looking to eat more healthfully, opt for cookies made at least in part from whole grains, or you can always go with an oatmeal variety. Whether you’re buying cookies or making them from scratch, several brands and innumerable recipes feature whole grains.

Vegan Cookie Companies

Vegan Cookie Recipes

Making vegan cookies at home is easy. Any non-vegan recipe can be made vegan by swapping out the animal ingredients and using vegan butter, unsweetened soy milk, and egg replacer. There are also many recipes online as well as phenomenal vegan dessert cookbooks packed with every sort of cookie recipe you could imagine.

There are two popular cookbooks devoted entirely to vegan cookies: Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, by Moskowitz & Romero, and The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur, by Kelly Peloza. Cookies are also the perfect way to get acquainted with raw foods desserts. Don’t worry that you’ll be giving up any flavor by going raw; the textures and flavors in a good raw foods cookie recipe are phenomenal, and often fuller and richer than what comes out of the oven. The best starting-point for trying out raw foods cookies may be Rawsome Vegan Baking by Emily von Euw.

Finally, here a few acclaimed vegan dessert cookbooks that feature a number of cookie recipes: