Vegan Hot Dogs: A Guide to the Best Brands

Back in the 1970s, vegan hot dogs were among the very first commercially-produced meat alternatives. Unfortunately, these first-generation products were disappointing. Sure, they were certainly edible, and many people considered them fairly tasty. But they could never fool anybody, since their taste and texture was nothing like meat.

Today, things couldn’t be more different. Check out this rave review the Washington Post gave to the all-vegan Moving Mountains Hot Dog:

Well, as I learned when I tried the hot dog at the launch, with that classic red-brown sheen, and an appealingly authentic smokiness, it certainly looks right and it smells right. And the flavor? Put it this way: If you didn’t know this was a meat-free product, you probably wouldn’t guess. It’s miles ahead of most vegan hot dogs — heck, it’s better than most pork (and beef-based) hot dogs, even down to the texture and the snap when you first bite into it.

Vegan hot dogs are more widely available than ever. Every decent natural foods store carries at least one brand. You can even find them served at many of the world’s top ballparks and sports arenas—just check this directory.

Why Choose Veggie Dogs?

No matter what animal they’re made from, one curious thing about hot dogs is that many devout meat eaters refuse to touch them. That’s because hot dogs often contain inferior and outright disgusting cuts of meat. Because hot dogs consist of meat ground into a slurry, there’s no telling what parts of the animal were used.

On top of that, since most hot dogs contain nitrates, they carry greater health risks than other meat products. Study after study links hot dogs and other processed meats to greatly increased risk of colon cancer.

Vegan hot dogs allow you to avoid all the terrible things about processed meat, while still delivering great flavor and loads of protein. When buying meatless hot dogs, vegans should always check the product label. Some brands contain dairy products or eggs.

Vegan Hot Dog Brands:

If you’ve tasted one vegan hot dog, you certainly haven’t tasted them all. Just like hummus, vegan hot dog brands vary dramatically in texture and flavor. So if you aren’t impressed by the product you sample, be sure to try another brand next time.

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