Vegan Sausage

If you're vegan but love sausage you're in luck. Several companies make terrific vegan sausage products.
Last Updated: October 12, 2017

Going vegan does not mean having to give up on sausage. Not only is vegan sausage widely available, it also does away with the animal cruelty cruelty, nitrates, saturated fat, and increased colon cancer risk. But you won’t miss out on the familiar flavors, textures, and satisfaction of eating a heavier protein-rich food.

There are a number of vegan sausage products sold at many natural food stores. Tofurky alone makes six different varieties, and Field Roast offers three kinds of sausages. Lightlife’s Gimme Lean sausage is also vegan. And finally there’s Soyrizo (soy chorizo, sold by Trader Joe’s), which launched as a vegan product, then inexplicably began including dairy, and then went back to being vegan.

Finally, here’s a recipe for making your own vegan breakfast sausage from scratch using Beyond Meat.