Vegan Sausage

If you're vegan, but love sausage, you're in luck
Last Updated: April 19, 2018

Going vegan does not mean having to give up on sausage. Vegan sausage is is delicious, satisfying, and widely available. Unlike meat-based sausage, these products are free of animal cruelty cruelty, nitrates, and large amounts of saturated fat. But you won’t miss out on the familiar flavors, textures, and satisfaction of eating a heavier protein-rich food.

Since processed meats like sausage are strongly associated with increased risk of cancer, vegan sausages are a fantastic choice for vegans and meat lovers alike. Here are some top brands that are widely available in North America:

You may also be able to find locally-made vegan sausage, thanks to the fact that vegan butcher shops are cropping up in cities all over the world. Pretty much all of these shops offer vegan sausage.

Finally, here’s a recipe for making your own vegan breakfast sausage from scratch using Beyond Meat.