Feeds and Email Subscriptions

From Erik Marcus:

I currently feature three subscription-based offerings at my daily blog, my VegTalk podcast, and an email list reserved for important announcements. I hope you’ll subscribe to all three of these free offerings.

For the blog and podcast, you’ve got some choices in how to sign up. The best option is to use a feed reader, such as Google Reader (web-based), FeedDemon (Windows), or NetNewsWire (Mac). Using a feed reader is great, because whenever you click its Refresh button, anything new that’s been published by and all your other feeds immediately downloads to your reader.

If you subscribe to my VegTalk podcast feed, you might prefer to get it through iTunes instead of your feed reader. On the VegTalk subscription page, you’ll find a link that lets you subscribe in iTunes.

For both my blog and podcast feeds, you’ll also have the option to subscribe by email. On days in which publishes new blog entries or a podcast, email subscribers will receive the appropriate new content. Although lots of people sign up for email notification, I urge you to go with the feed option instead — it’s better and more convenient in every way, and once you start using feeds you’ll never go back.

My announcement list is email only, since it’s only for big and infrequent announcements — it’s is a very low volume list, with no more than a dozen emails sent each year. Subscribe to this email list if you want to be keep updated about my forthcoming books and speaking events, as well as exciting new features at

Whatever feeds you subscribe to and however you subscribe, I will never spam you or share your data.


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