Vegan Wallets

Not so long ago just about every nice wallet was made of leather, and most vegan wallets either looked garish or fell apart within months. That is fortunately no longer the case. A number of companies churn out stylish and durable vegan wallets. You’ll have no trouble finding a good one in whatever style suits you.

Men’s Wallets

Vegan wallets are made from a variety of materials, from old-school 1970s nylon/Velcro to microfibers that look just like high-quality suede.

The finest men’s vegan wallet in existence may well be the SlimFold MICRO Soft Shell. This is the first wallet that beats the pants off high-end leather wallets in every possible criteria, including looks and durability. The material looks like gorgeous black suede, but it’s a vegan product that is much more costly to produce, and was originally funded through a Kickstarter campaign. SlimFold wallets are waterproof, far thinner than typical leather wallets, and yet much more durable. These wallets are exactly the right size. A friend gave me one six months ago, and it still looks brand new.

A company called Dynomighty makes super cheap yet durable wallets from an unlikely material—Tyvek (the film used to wrap the insulation of houses that are under construction.) Tyvek is super thin, impossibly lightweight, and practically indestructible. carries Dynomighty wallets in dozens of eye-catching designs featuring imagery that ranges from subway maps to bubble gum wrappers.

Hemp wallets are also worth considering. Rugged looking and ultra-durable, they’re perfect for outdoorsy guys. Hempy’s wallets may be the best choice—comparably priced to other premium hemp wallets, they’re made in the United States and they wear like iron. Their bi-fold style is a great-looking classic men’s wallet.

Here are a few other brands of men’s vegan wallets:

Women’s Wallets

Designed for the purse rather than the pocket, there are a variety of women’s wallets on the market at every price point. Matt & Nat occupies the high end of the market, and their entire product line is vegan. carries Matt & Nat in a wide variety of styles.

Here are some other brands of vegan wallets for women:

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